이형 필름이 있는 투명 키스 컷 테이프

이형 필름이 있는 투명 키스 컷 테이프

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Product introduction:

If you need cheap wholesale kiss cutting and paper tape prices, our company can provide a large number of products. Since we have been engaged in this business for many years, many customers visit us to buy high-quality products at a reasonable price. They can also negotiate the most favorable price, and we provide them with the best quality products.

Product features:

1. This transparent kissing tape with release film is very suitable for memos, scrapbooks, etc. With high-quality polyester film on the back, we can easily use it again without leaving any residue on the back. Store paper and tape, which you can put directly into a box or bag to protect them from dust and damage.

2. Transparent kissing tape with release film. An excellent accessory of environmental protection and paper tape, transparent kiss cut tape can help you make exquisite packaging boxes and home decorations by hand. Each roll of ultra transparent tape is 25m long, 0.1 inch wide and 12mm thick, which is enough to meet your creative use. More importantly, when you use this tape on paper crafts or cloth items, there will be no adhesive residue, because the back film is easy to tear off by hand.

3. This is a set of kissing tape with release film. This is another visual aid to display your products or works of art in a special way. The wholesale price of kissing paper tape on the display shelf. The adhesive surface of paper and tape has no backing, so it is very suitable for display on glass or acrylic.

4. Cheap and paper display rack wholesale kiss cutting and paper tape are a great product. It has the advantages of high quality, beautiful appearance, reliable performance and convenient use. Cheap and paper display rack wholesale kiss cutting and paper tape, reasonable price, high quality and good service. We believe it can meet all your needs.

5. Our transparent kissing tape is a durable alternative to the standard masking tape. It is thin and flexible, and is very suitable for all paper process projects, such as card making, waste booking and other similar projects. And paper tape are very popular in the arts and Crafts world - mainly used by papermakers to decorate cards, but also by teachers to create interesting displays on classroom walls or doorways.

6. Transparent kissing tape with release film is a kind of non adhesive transparent tape used to pack fragile articles. Our kissing paper tape is made of high-quality silicone tape and coated with soft and touch safe acrylic adhesive. Moreover, this adhesive can be well adhered to the surfaces of porcelain, glass, wood and so on. Our kissing tape is widely used for packaging crystal ware, porcelain tea set, ceramic tableware and pottery, because it can be easily torn off by hand without leaving any residue on the glue product.

Other services: when you become our strategic partner, we will provide the latest process samples for each batch of your goods free of charge. You can enjoy our distributor price

Customized packaging: heat shrinkable packaging (ordinary) / pet box / carton / business card / plastic tube / OPP bag / label sealing / can be customized according to your requirements


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