중국 공장 사용자 정의 투명 인쇄 테이프

중국 공장 사용자 정의 투명 인쇄 테이프

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Product introduction:

We make custom design printing color DIY process decorative foil tape. We focus on a variety of custom tapes and printing tapes, and we supply many different types of tapes to the world. Custom printed scotch tape can be used to add a colorful and unique accent to any DIY process project. DIY foil tape has a variety of patterns, from modern geometric design to flower patterns. Our custom printed transparent tape is ideal for craftsmen who want to add a sense of decoration to their latest projects or gifts.

Product features:
1. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of exquisite vinyl tape. Especially for DIY process decorative foil tape, many of our customers use transparent decorative vinyl tape in their sticker projects to make it look special. Our factory has professional technicians, experienced workers and advanced equipment. These factors ensure that our products are of good quality, well designed and completed at one time We have been highly praised by many customers!  

2. We provide unique customized printing tape, transparent color foil tape, decorative pattern craft foil tape and decorative foil paper tape, which are widely used to decorate your walls, shelves, tables, etc. You can design or customize the shape of aluminum foil tape according to your needs.

3. The material of these tapes is adhesive tape. It can be easily pasted on anything and DIY decorated. You can create your own art tags, cards, pictures, etc. Use it at home, office, school and other places every day! These tapes are suitable for DIY process decoration, such as sealed envelopes, gift boxes, scrapbooks and many other things. These are also very suitable for light packaging. Use them instead of conventional tapes for self-service packaging applications, even light transport tapes!

4. All these tapes are made of high-quality materials, waterproof and UV resistant, and with strong adhesive. The color can be changed by refraction and reflection according to different angles of light. It is very suitable for decorating your home, office and other important places. By changing the angle of the paper, you can create different patterns on the paper, just like the shiny surface of a diamond.

5. The transparent printing tape customized by Chinese factories is the perfect choice for DIY crafts and can be used as packaging tape / industrial tape / office supplies. Our products are exported to the United States, Canada, Britain and other countries. You can choose different colors of aluminum foil paper to make your own decorative tape, such as gold foil paper, silver foil paper, etc. We will provide you with the ideal choice of price and quality!

Other services: when you become our strategic partner, we will provide the latest process samples for each batch of your goods free of charge. You can enjoy our distributor price
Customized packaging: heat shrinkable packaging (ordinary) / pet box / carton / business card / plastic tube / OPP bag / label sealing / can be customized according to your requirements
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