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What Are the Key Chain Materials
What Are the Key Chain Materials
2022-08-15 18:11:27

Nowadays, the key chain that people usually wear is no longer as simple as in the past, and the materials are more and more. Usually, the materials used to make the key chain are metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc.


The texture of keychains made of different materials is naturally different. Let's learn about the material of the keychain.


key chain


What are the key chain materials?




PVC soft rubber key chain is also called dripping rubber key chain. Soft PVC products are produced with imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique technology Its raw materials are all made of the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft rubber materials. The product quality has passed the European toy safety standards en71-1, en71-2 and EN71-3.




The hardness of acrylic determines the wear degree of the keychain. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages besides unparalleled high brightness:


  • Good toughness, not easy to damage;
  • Strong repairability;
  • Soft texture;
  • Bright colors;


The products made of acrylic materials are not only beautiful in style, durable, but also environmental friendly. Its radiation level is almost the same as that of human bones.


Zinc alloy


Zinc alloy is also one of the metals with strong plasticity. Generally, the surface is treated by dropping oil, baking paint or electroplating to make the product more beautiful. Surface treatment processes include polishing, painting (baking), soft enamel, printing, oil spraying, sandblasting and electroplating.




It is generally made of artificial crystal, and can be made into various shapes of crystal key chains.




Various kinds of wood are used to carve patterns, and some of them are also engraved with words of blessing. The types of materials are common: rosewood, jujube wood, ebony and so on.




For more information about key chain, we are glad to answer for you.

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